Historical 1800’s Christmas Eve Service

6475Thanks to everyone who made our Historical 1800’s Christmas Eve Service such a wonderful event!  We had an attendance that evening of 303 and we collected almost $4,000 for our offering that went to the ABCCM fuel fund to help those less fortunate heat their homes this winter.  We plan to do it again next year and it should be even better.

6495bwWe would also like to thank our many musicians, including Dr. Vance Reese, Dr. Leslie Welker, Dr. Merritt Moseley, Ms. Lorna Schultis, and Ms. Carol Kinsey.  An audio recording of the service will be uploaded to the website soon.

We would also like to thank Mardy Murphy for taking pictures during the service.  All of her images will be on the website soon under the “Who We Are” tab at the top of the page and the “Special Events Images” subheading.  Happy New Year from all of us at Asbury Memorial UMC!

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