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apostlesThe Acts of the Apostles

We are currently offering a study on the New Testament book of The Acts of the Apostles taught by Rev. Goforth.  The class meets each Monday night (September-November)  at 7:00 pm in Brown Chapel (no class on Halloween night though!).  Come and find out more about what the early Church was first like and how we can shape our lives in response to the witness of those first Christians.

Acts Bible Study Flyer

Week 1 Notes (9.5.2016)

Week 2 Notes (9.12.2016)




CoverRevelation: Revealing Its Original Meaning

(Taught in 2015)
Revelation Study Flyer
Revelation Syllabus
Revelation: Revealing Its Original Meaning (PDF)

Session Two Audio Recording (2.23.2015)





americansaintcoverAmerican Saint Materials:

(Taught in 2014)
Session I Notes
Session II Notes
Session III Notes
Session IV Notes