Saddlebag Stewardship #5

In reflecting on the parable of the Widow’s Mite in Mark 12:42-44, Asbury started a fund for the general church to help provide for preachers and their families.  John Wigger writes: As he traveled with Bond, Asbury collected small contributions from whomever was willing for what he called his “mite subscription,” after the story of … [Read more…]

Saddlebag Stewardship #4

Almost everyone in our society would agree that poverty is a bad thing.  Poverty is something that even we in the church have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves to “get out of.”  Poverty is bad, and having money is good, right?  Well, Francis Asbury wouldn’t have necessarily agreed with our culture’s … [Read more…]

Saddlebag Stewardship #3

Francis Asbury spent the majority of his life traveling and he never had a home to call his own.  As John Wigger writes, Rather than sticking to places with established Methodist societies, he often chose to visit settlements that Methodism hadn’t yet reached.  “We must suffer with, if we labour for the poor,” he wrote … [Read more…]